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I have an idea!” William gathered the women and they huddled together to discuss their next course of action. While in mid-huddle, an ear shattering “Eye yai yai” and a pair of flying feet came out of nowhere and crashed into Count Cholesterol, sending him flying across the room. The flying feet then landed perfectly poised in a typical Kung Fu stance.

Freaked out, the three jumped out of their huddle and stared in disbelief.

Timothy Tation followed the newcomer’s suit and also took on a rigid Kung Fu pose as if to ready himself for a vicious battle. With intricate footwork, the two circled around each other as though they were getting ready for the kill until Timothy let out with a high kick that sent the stranger flying against the wall. After his successful kick, Timothy aggressively charged, following up with lightning fast punches. Springing back into action, the stranger blocked Timothy’s blows with his quick arm movements, then reciprocated with a back kick, landing Timothy straight on his back.

Timothy didn’t stay down for long as he jumped up with renewed momentum. Charging at the stranger like a speeding locomotive, Timothy aggressively threw punches right and left, forcing the stranger to move swiftly backwards several feet, while vigorously blocking Timothy’s vicious blows.

Backed up against the dining room table, the stranger ducked, crouched under the table and grasped the inside table leg as he whipped his own leg around, faster than one could blink, tripping Timothy to the ground. The stranger quickly rolled his way out from under the table.

Count Colesteral

They both instantly sprang back up to their feet, but it was the stranger who now displayed the aggressiveness of his karate movements.

Weakened, Timothy retreated to Count Cholesterol. With his final words Timothy reassured us that we haven’t seen the last of him. “You’ll be seeing me soon,” he threatened. With a twirl of the Count’s cape, Timothy, Hugo, and the Count vanished into thin air.

After the stranger regained his composure, he looked around, baffled at his surroundings. “Where am I? How did I get here?”

William tried to explain the best he could, but could only stammer, “I-I-I’m not sure.”

Burnine, who seemed captivated by the stranger asked, “Who are you?”

The stranger answered in his broken English, “I’m Java Jin.”

I was still tied to the dining room chair, as my chin dropped in amazement. “That's Java the 'jack knife' Jin! He's Hollywood 's hottest martial arts sensation! He’s my Inspiration!”

“Oh no!” responded William.

“What?” replied Java Jin.

“I summoned you,” William explained. “You see, when Erni was in trouble, I felt she needed Inspiration to help her out. When I summoned Inspiration, YOU showed up.”

One couldn’t help notice the pride in Java Jin’s face as he cracked a smile.

“Inspiration...” followed by a typical quick, sharp Chinese nod. “Hmh.”

Java Jin inquired, “Who were those hoods?”

Still tied to the chair, I felt obligated to answer that one, “The one with the cape is Count Cholesterol. But the real villain is Timothy Tation. They kidnapped Mr. Appetite and now he is under their control. They forced me to eat all this food. It was awful. Well maybe not awful. I have to admit, the food was good, especially the cake, and the pasta alfredo... I would love to have the recipe ... but I was so scared. It was awful.”

 “Shouldn’t someone untie her?” Java Jin asked.

Burnine and Carmen finally came to my aid.

 “If you hadn’t arrived when you did, who knows what would have happened to Erni!” a grateful William remarked.

 “I’m happy I’m able to help, but I must get back to filming.”  

That perked up a few eye brows. “Filming?” inquired William.

“What are you filming, Hon,” followed Burnine.

Java Jin responded, “I’m filming a movie.”

 “I’ll have to show you a Java Jin movie. He really kicks butt!” I added.

“Well, I have to go now,” Java Jin reiterated.

With gratitude, William shook Java Jin’s hand. “Thank you for your help, I’ll send you back now.”

Before William willed Java Jin off, I was able to run up to him and give him a small kiss on the cheek. A shy smile appeared on Java Jin’s modest face as he vanished.

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